We strongly believe in building healthy, vibrant communities for all people.

We do this by investing in programs and initiatives that enrich and empower individuals, families and societies, and that educate and bring greater awareness to the human condition. We strive to enhance the work that provides systemic solutions and upward movement for our fellow citizens.


Toward that end, the Embrey Family Foundation makes community grants in the following areas:

Human Rights
Human Services
Arts and Culture

What types of programs do you fund?
Please see “What We Fund”


What geographic location do you cover?
The State of Texas select areas of Colorado and throughout the United States on a discretionary basis.


What kinds of organizations do you fund?
To be eligible for grants, an organization must be tax-exempt under Section 501 ( c )(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.


Can an individual apply for a grant or scholarship?
No. Grants are only awarded to eligible organizations.


How often can our organization apply for a grant?
All grant requests are by invitation only.  Unsolicited grant requests will not be considered.


Should we enclose additional materials, such as brochures or a video, with our grant request?
No, thank you. It’s an unnecessary expense to you.


How many copies of the grant request do you need?
All we need is one unbound grant request packet.


What languages are acceptable?
We can only consider grant requests/materials in English.


If we are invited to submit a grant request, is there a grant request form to complete? Can we submit the grant request online?
There is not a specific form online. You will need to prepare an original grant request document that includes all of the information required and adheres to the page limits where indicated.


What is the deadline for grant requests?
Grant requests from invited grantees will be due by the submission deadline as stated in your invitation letter.


When are grants funded?
Our Board of Directors meets twice per year to determine which semi-annual community grant requests will be funded. These meetings take place in late Spring and late Fall. Discretionary community grant requests are funded throughout the year.


What information needs to be provided within the grant request?
Find the details of what project, organization and financial information must be submitted in the COMMUNITY GRANT REQUEST PROCEDURES.


Does the Embrey Family Foundation fund Operating Expenses?
Yes, it is our belief that Operational Support Grants are just as important as project or program related grants.