Colorado Granting

Our granting program in Colorado, led by Gayle Embrey, focuses on non-profit organizations in the Roaring Fork and Grand Valley areas of western Colorado. The Roaring Fork and Grand Valleys are comprised of several small cities and towns from Aspen to Parachute. Diverse groups of people live and work in the area, where the main income sources are tourism, agriculture and oil & gas development.

The Foundation focuses Colorado funding in four primary categories:

Arts  |  Education  |  Community Enrichment  |  Environment


Many artists live and work in the Roaring Fork Valley, including visual artists, dancers, musicians and filmmakers. Most of the arts organizations we are involved with provide arts programming that encompasses our other funding areas of Education, Environment and Community Enrichment. We believe art has the unique gift of story-telling and promotes understanding and change through artistic expression.


EFF believes education empowers people and provides the tools needed to thrive. Our Colorado educational funding focuses on both traditional education as well as vocational and life skills training.

Community Enrichment

The governments and citizens of cities from Aspen to Parachute strive to provide comprehensive services and an enriched quality of life to their residents. EFF supports these goals of community enrichment by funding projects and programs designed to enhance the lives of the diverse people and groups represented. The culture of these communities includes a deep love and care for their pets, so EFF includes animal support in our concept of community enrichment.

Organizations we partner with include:


* Photo: Courtesy of YouthZone *


The White River National Forest and other pristine public lands of Colorado provide a beautiful, inspiring landscape to both live in and visit. EFF supports local organizations whose mission is to preserve and/or protect the local environment, lands, water and wildlife and ensure our future generations are promised these gifts of nature.

Organizations we partner with include:


* Photo: Sunrise Maroon Bells by Dan Bayer *