Dallas Faces Race

Dallas Faces Race was the beginning of a sustainable forum on race in Dallas. The forum brought together organizations to actively build their capacity to address racial equity and make change.


Dallas Faces Race moved beyond discussion groups on race, cultural awareness and diversity. Dallas Faces Race engaged those who were ready to define equity and collaborate to make change.

What commitments were required from DFR Partners?
  1. Engage in racial equity capacity building and collaboration including training, shared tools and resources and the racial equity event calendar.
  2. Allow partner organization’s name to be listed as a Partner on Dallas Faces Race web site and materials.
  3. Post Dallas Faces Race Proud Partner logo on organization website.
What were the benefits of DFR Partnership?
  1. DFR built Partners’ capacity for racial justice work through training, shared tools and resources.
  2. Opportunities for collaboration with DFR Partners through access to convenings, shared calendars and social media.
  3. Expansion of your racial justice network and visibility.
What were Partners doing?
  1. Learning and doing. Utilizing DFR tools and resources. Participating in trainings and racial justices programs. Building awareness among staff, board, donors and other constituents.
  2. Collaborating and sharing. Working with other DFR Partners to advance racial equity and make change. Sharing information and best practices.


The Economy

64% of Dallas residents agree:

Dallas has the potential to be one of the most dynamic and innovative economic centers in the United States. We have people of all different colors; from all over the world, with all kinds of skills, backgrounds, and languages. That diversity is one of our biggest assets and we need to unite and use all our talent and ideas to grow and prosper.

Our Children

91% of Dallas residents agree:
For the sake of our children, we need to do as much as we can to end racism.


40% of Dallas residents agree:

Racial discrimination will get better over the next five years.
Our challenge: 37% of Dallas residents believe it will stay the same.

Shared Fate

A working democracy needs everyone to participate. And Dallas is no different. That is why we need to work together to bring everyone into the process, have everyone’s word be heard, and create a responsive government that we can all believe in. To do that, we need to work to increase participation in all communities, especially communities of color.

American Dream

A large segment of Dallas residents believe the American Dream is a convincing reason to address racial equity in Dallas. For Dallas to be the best city it can be, we need to make sure everyone in Dallas has the opportunity to achieve the American Dream. By promoting racial equality, we make sure that the best and brightest are moving Dallas forward, regardless of their race. A more diverse Dallas will be a stronger Dallas.


82% of Dallas residents agree:

Until all of our citizens in Dallas, black, white and brown can participate equally in our city, our democracy will fall short.


The Embrey Family Foundation commissioned research on race in Dallas in the Fall of 2014 by a nationally recognized polling expert, Lake Research.

This information is vital to guiding the conversation around racial equity and increasing our understanding of the landscape around race in our city.